Meat & Potato is a 501c3 theatre company dedicated to telling compelling stories in the most powerful ways possible.  Therefore:

  • All plays must have a clear storyline with a beginning, middle & end:  adventures
  • Every production must employ at least one overtly theatrical element or style:  puppets, masks, multiple &/or cross casting, one-person plays, musicals, dumbshows, farce, biomechanics, audience participation, Kabuki, Theatre of Cruelty, the Alienation Effect, etc
  • There is a firm cap on production costs
  • The talents of local, emerging artists will be used whenever & wherever possible
  • Ticket prices will be kept affordable to the general public & especially as an enticement to younger audiences

The true origins of theatre are when one member of the tribe sat on this side of the fire and told stories to the rest of the tribe sitting on that side of the fire.