From the company that brought you the critically acclaimed retelling of THE ODYSSEY comes an all new adaptation of BEOWULF, the original action-adventure story. Written over 1,000 years ago, BEOWULF tells the story of a reluctant warrior called to rid a village of its local bully, only to see events escalate into a life-and-death struggle involving loyalty, honor, and revenge. Meat & Potato Theatre add their own brand of theatricality to the mix as Beowulf journeys through salt marshes and cavern lairs battling ogres, dragons, and one miffed-off mama. Don't miss your chance to join the James Bond of the 8th Century as M&P take this classic to new heights.

BEOWULF cast and crew.


Final tableau.


The ghost of Brecca.


Beowulf and his servant, Freida.

I owe it to you

Beowulf gives all his property to his servant, "I owe it you."

Anne Brings as Wiglaf

Anne Brings as Wiglaf.

Weygan story

Weygan remembers Beowulf in their youth.

Connif's Story

Connif pleads with Beowulf to save his village.

Beowulf Mono

Beowulf decides to leave his village and journey to Heorot.

The time was long ago...

Opening moment: "The time was long ago, almost forgot..."

The Pit

The inhabitants of Heorot cower in a cellar.

The Seer's Prophecy

A seer predicts the coming of Beowulf.

Unferth pledges his love

Unferth pledges his love to Wiglaf.

Blessing the weapon

Freywaru's Story

The seer tells of the brave deeds done by Beowulf in his youth.

A Celebration

The Danes celebrate the death of the monster.

Unferth makes his move

Unferth attempts to woo Wiglaf.

Mother and Son

An unnatural relationship between mother and son.

Underwater Battle

Beowulf fights Grendel's mother, underwater.

Beowulf Chokes Focwalda

Beowulf tries to choke Grendel's mother.

Grendel & Beowulf fight

Beowulf fights Grendel.

Dead Grendel in his mother's arms

Grendel's mother holds her dead son in her arms.

The Lesson

More fighting lessions.

Live to tell the tale

Beowulf gives Wiglaf a fighting lesson.

Preparing for war

Wiglaf and Beowulf prepare for war.

Final Farewells

Final farewells.

Wiglaf at the Cave

Wiglaf at the dragon's cave.

Wiglaf and the talking wolves

Wiglaf encounters two demi-wolves that guard the mouth of the dragon's cave.

The Troll King uses magic on Beowulf

The troll king freezes Beowulf.

Beowulf receives a new weapon

Beowulf receives a new weapon.

I want for you to live a golden life

"I want for you to live a golden life..."

Slaying the dragon

Beowulf and Wiglaf slay the dragon.

Unferth meets the dragon

Unferth meets his doom.

Wiglaf & Beowulf meet