It is with mixed emotions that Marynell and Tobin announce the shuttering of Meat & Potato Theatre Company. For ten years, we have had the amazing good fortune of working with incredibly brave and giving actors, directors, playwrights, designers, composers, and choreographers who helped us realize our mission of telling compelling stories in the most powerful way possible.

We’ve been to the deserts of New Mexico and the islands of ancient Greece, to the halls of Valhalla and the factories of Victorian England, to the forests of medieval Japan and the morality of medieval Europe, to colonies on distant planets and dungeons of dystopian futures, to the birth of the universe and around the world in 80 days. We’ve fought everything from Nordic dragons to Navajo bogeymen, from Big Brother to Dickensian injustice, and from Japanese ghosts to operatic aliens. We’ve learned how to design costumes, build sets, and engage the reptilian brain; discovered more ways to express love and celebrate life than a dozen different lifetimes could reveal; and conceived, built, and manipulated more puppets than we ever thought possible.

But none of these escapades was done alone and no amount of genuflecting or praise can begin to thank the hundreds of people who helped us grow as artists over the last decade. Still, we humbly offer a hundred million thanks to the actors, directors, playwrights, designers, choreographers, composers, Enid Atkinson (associate producer, DC), 1409 Playbill Café in DC, Jerry Rapier & Cheryl Cluff of Plan B Theatre, Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake County Arts with special thanks to Angela Vanderwell and all the Rose Wagner TDs, the staff of Arttix, the KUER & City Weekly marketing staffs, Salt Lake City taxpayers and their generous support of the Salt Lake City Arts Council, Salt Lake County taxpayers and their generous support of the Zoo Arts & Parks program, and all the individual donors who helped us tell some amazing stories.

So as we say a sad good-bye to our Meat & Potato adventures, we look forward with delight to exploring new places and learning new things for a while.

As always, safe journeys,

Marynell Hinton & Tobin Atkinson
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